Monday, 14 May 2012

BANNED: alcohol in Turkey

Don't panic - you'll still be able to procure your favourite tipple on holiday in Turkey. Unless you're thinking of heading to Afyonkarahisar,  that is. The mountainous Aegean town, which is 250km southwest of Ankara, has shunned the demon drink.

Citing the interests of the "public good," Afyonkarahisar residents (Afyonkarahisarians?) are forbidden from buying or consuming alcohol. The ban is the first of its kind of Turkey, and follows a statement by Health Minister Recep Akdag, who spoke out against alcohol abuse recently.

Banned: cocktails in Afyonkarahisar? Forget it.

Residents may not consume alcohol in public places - including parks, picnic areas, bus stations, gravesites, bridges, places of worship and abandoned buildings. Thinking of drinking and driving whilst in Afyonkarahisar? Forget about it: you may not drink in any vehicle whatsoever.

Afyonkarahisar's Governor's Office said the ban is designed to bring about "peace and security within the city's borders and prevent crimes."

"Alcohol consumers frequently occupy a number of places in the city, causing unrest in these areas and traffic accidents," the governor’s office said. "This regulation was formed to keep the public order intact within the city and to prevent traffic accidents from occurring."

Those who violate the ordinance can be assessed a fine of 82 Turkish Liras. 


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