Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Holiday feud turns violent when stabby sister snaps

Have you ever fallen out with your friends over holiday logistics? If you did, did you attempt to resolve the issue ... with a knife?

Arguments over travel arrangements rarely get that heated. But they did in the case of feuding friends Marina Birks and Helen England, from Staffordshire. 

Fifty-two-year-old Birks was looking forward to the perfect holiday with her sister, Heather Dunn-Fox, and Miss England (Helen, that is, not the British beauty title holder). However, the three women fell out after confusion over room bookings for their June trip.

Marina Birks: Comb over here and say that!
Mother-of-six Birks sent a barrage of abusive texts to the other two women, and followed these up by threatening to stab England after a row outside a Leek cafe, actions that landed Birks in court.

Prosecution Heather Chamberlin told the court: "Birks unzipped her bag and produced something Helen England believed was a knife and pointed it at her. 

"She grabbed the defendant and they struggled. The defendant fell but as she got up she said, 'This knife is for you'.

"The defendant's mother intervened and slapped Miss England who returned to her friends in the cafe."

Birks was later arrested, but the knife was not found on her. Birks maintains she had in fact pulled a comb from her handbag.

Incredibly, the group are still flying to Bodrum in June. But it’s ok – they won’t be seated together on the plane, they will be in different sections. And when they get there, they will be staying in different areas ... of the same resort. Whew!


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