Friday, 11 May 2012

Turkey boasts world's biggest boxes of pasta

The biggest box of pasta ever produced is about to hit the (possibly reinforced) shelves on Thursday.

And oddly enough, it's not being sold in the world's premier pasta-eating country Italy, but in Turkey, specifically Bodrum, Istanbul and Edirne.

Weighing in at half a tonne each, the boxes containing the penne pasta have been declared the largest ever at 1.5 metres high and over a metre wide - a feat that has caught the attention of the Guiness World Records.

If you've taken your runabout to the supermarket in order to snap up one of the boxes (a steal at £350) and are worried about fitting it in your boot, don't worry: delivery is included in the price.

Turkey ranks number five in the world for pasta consumption, scoffing 450,000 tonnes of the stuff every year.

Proceeds of the sales will go to UNICEF.


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