Wednesday, 2 May 2012

'Screenagers' suffering from internet overuse

A Turkish professor has claimed that excessive internet use harms childrens' intellectual development. 

Professor Necdet Unuvar, who is the head of the catchily-named Parliamentary Commission on Informatics and Internet Resarch, says the internet is a "double-edged sword", which can impair development if not used properly. 

A screenager in the making?
Unuvar quoted research conducted by the Gazi University, which reveals that 15-year-olds who use the internet excessively are two years behind their contemporaries in mental agility. 

"Today's youth can access more information with greater speed but this is the outcome," he said. He also claimed that attention deficit disorder stems from carrying out many internet activities at once, such as updating Facebook, playing games and reading news. 

Unuvar said today's "screenagers" - dubbed so because of their habit of quickly scanning huge amounts of information via monitors - cannot take in information in a quality manner. 

"A person in their early 20s has been exposed to a total of 30,000 hours of online information flow. A child uses the internet eight hours per week until he or she turns 12."


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