Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ukraine food poisoning ahead of game "no accident"

Whatever happened to the art of losing gracefully?

Ukranian Euro 2012 players struck down by a stomach bug believe their illness was an act of sabotage.

Ten footballers became ill on Tuesday ahead of their last warm-up match against Turkey. Coach Oleg Blokhin told Ukranian television that "It may have been sabotage, I do not know. It cannot be accidental." However, the coach admitted that they had come down with the illness in Germany - and the players had all eaten different food.

They lost their match against Turkey by 2-0. 

Team doctor Leonid Myronov said the first symptoms manifested on Monday afternoon when the team masseur became ill. One by one, the players followed. The doctor tried to cure the patients with "all available methods of detox", but it's clear the illness affected their performances.

A spokesperson for the team said that the sick players are recovering and should be well for their Monday game against Sweden.


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