Thursday, 20 September 2012

Importing a smart phone to Turkey

The Fethiye Times ran a useful story on using your smart phone in Turkey. 

If you're planning on bringing your smart phone when you move to your holiday home in Turkey and using one of the local networks, be prepared to pay a surcharge of 100 TL.

The tax was introduced earlier this year by the government to reduce the impact of foreign smart phones on local revenue. According to the government, a million mobiles and smart phones have been brought into the country, bringing unfair competition to the local market. Rather than reduce the tax on Turkish phones to make them more competitive, the government has slapped a 100 TL tax onto imported phones that must be paid before phones are registered.

Fethiye resident Tony Taylor discovered this the hard way. “I brought a new mobile over from the UK this week and discovered there is now a tax of 100TL payable at the tax office before you can register the phone for use in Turkey. This is in addition to the 10TL fee payable to register the IMIE, the unique identification number." 

Tony took his phone and passport to the tax office, paid the fee and then took the receipt to a phone shop, where he was able to register to a local Turkish network. 

He added that you can import just one phone every two years.


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