Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Massive Roman mosaic uncovered in southern Turkey

An incredible Roman mosaic featuring intricate geometric patterns has been discovered in southern Turkey.

The mosaic, described by excavation director and University of Nebraska art historian Michael Hoff as 'pristine', once decorated the floor of an open-air bath complex in the third or fourth century.

The mosaic is 149 square metres - the size of a decent family home. "To be honest, I was completely bowled over that the mosaic is that big," Hoff said.

So far, excavators have revealed around 40 per cent of the mosaic. It's composed of large squares, each with a unique geometric design. It's the largest Roman mosaic ever found in southern Turkey. Experts previously thought that Turkey was a peripheral part of the Roman Empire - but now historians will be reconsidering this position.

Hoff says eventually the site will be turned into a tourist attraction.


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