Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Obtaining a tax number in Turkey

Your tax number (vergi numerasi) is the equivalent of the UK's National Insurance number. It's a necessity for anyone wanting to work in Turkey or open a bank account.

The process of obtaining a tax number is mired in bureaucracy and you'll need patience and preferably a Turkish-speaking friend to guide you through the process.

The documents needed for an application are:

  • photocopies of your passport
  • residence permit
  • work permit (if applicable)

Then you'll need to head down to your local finance department (maliye), locate the tax department (vergi dairesi) and then the Civil Test Service (Sivil Yoklama Servisi). At the Civil Test Service you'll be asked for a petition (dilekce) which is a short note written in Turkish that requests that government employees help you.

To complete the application, sign the delekce and then get it signed by the tax manager's assistant (vergi mudur yardimcisi).

Easy peasy! Well, kind of. 

Now that you have your tax number you're eligible to apply for a Turkish bank account. And once you've done that you're eligible to buy a Turkish home. But that's a whole other story!


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