Tuesday, 20 November 2012

1000 fanatic Turkish fans greet Man U at airport

Around 1000 Galatasaray football fans crowded into Istanbul's Ataturk Airport to greet the Manchester United team ahead of their match.

The enthusiastic fans attempted to force their way to the team, who had to leave the building through another terminal. Police subdued the crowd with tear gas.

Galatasaray's enthusiastic fans.
 Galatasaray's director Abdurrahim Albayrak urged the fans to stay on their best behaviour. "We had to welcome our opponents warmly, not in that way. After my reminder, our supporters understood the importance of welcome and calmed down. "[Manchester United] hosted us with respect and our first aim is to repay their hospitality." 

Alex Ferguson commented that the greeting wasn't as "frightening" as 1993's entrance, when Man United were welcomed with banners proclaiming "Welcome to Hell".

"We have been here a few times now, though, and are now used to the Turkish atmosphere. It is fanatical, but it is no issue for us."


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