Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Arabs flock to Turkey for moustache implants

The Hurriyet Daily News has reported that Arabs are travelling to Turkey in droves in search of moustache implants. 

Coveting the hairy lips sported by actors in their favourite Turkish television programmes, hairless Middle Eastern politicians and businessmen are turning up to clinics with pictures of their favourite stars and demanding their moustaches.

Kadir İnanır and İbrahim Tatlıses sport two of the most sought-after mos in the Arab world.

Turkey's already made a name for itself with hair implants, with clients combining a new head of hair with a bit of light tourism.

Doctor Selahattin Tulunay, who has been working in the hair implant industry for three decades, claims that moustache implants are now as popular as hair implants. “Every month we have about 60 applications for beard and hair implants,” he said.

Tulunay says Arab policicians believe that moustaches add charisma - a valuable tool during election campaigning.

"Our patients book tourists packages and while they have the implants, their families are able to vacation in Turkey, thereby contributing to Turkey’s tourism sector,” Tulunay said, adding that his clinic had signed deals with Dubai and Iraq agencies, as well as opening offices in Europe.

“We have applicants from Iran, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Germany, France and Ireland who move to Turkey for hair, moustache and beard implants. Whether they are from Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, or South Korea, we there is serious demand for hair and moustache implants,” he said. 


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