Friday, 16 November 2012

Internet = Apocalypse?

A Turkish university rector has claimed that the Internet is "The Beast of the Last Days" and is a sign that the judgement is on its way.

Nevzat Tarhan, of Uskukar University, came out with this bonkers assertion during a speech to Marama University's Theology Faculty - who are probably all at home hiding under their beds right now.

This multiple-headed beast has nothing on the Internet.
Tarhan drew parallels between the Internet and the Beast of the Last Days, saying that they both "exist everywhere and writhe on the ground", referring to the way internet connections pass through fiber-optic cables.

The phrase "Beast of the Last Days" appears in the Qur'an, and theologians are divided as to what it actually looks like.

However, the Beast is supposed to appear after the sun rises in the West. So I think Mr Tarhan could do with a cup of tea and a lie down.


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