Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Turkish channel fined for airing Simpsons show

Turkey's broadcasting regulator is fining a TV channel for insulting religious values - for airing an episode of the Simpsons featuring God and the devil.

The episode, which includes a scene where the devil asks God to make a coffee, caught the notice of watchdog RTUK, who are fining CNBC 53,951 lira (£18,400).

Although Turkey's a secular country with a secular government, most of its 75 million inhabitants are Muslim. There is a constant battle between religious conservatives and their secular opponents - who claim that the government is trying quietly to impose Islamic values.

 Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is at the forefront of this push towards Islam, and although Erdogan has led the country into a period of great prosperity there are concerns about authoritarianism.

Last week Erdogan voiced his displeasure about wildly popular TV show The Magnificent Century, saying the makers were insulting a historical figure.

The Simpsons is well known for its irreverent portrayal of public figures, leading one Turkish columnist to wonder if the makers of the series will react to the ruling. "Maybe they will add an almond-moustached RTUK expert to the series," he said, evoking a popular Turkish stereotype of a pious government supporter. 


  1. Don't like it? Don't fucking watch it. The Turkish AK party needs to stay out of people lives if it likes it or not!