Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Vagina stirs up controversy in Turkish parliament

Turkey's deputy prime minister has caused a ruckus by admitting to being ruffled when an opposition member mentioned her vagina.

Bulet Arinc told the Republican People's Party deputy Aylin Nazliaka that she should've addressed Parliament while speaking, not him. "I am a shy person, I could get bothered when an elegant lady looks at me," he said.

Aylin Nazliaka's vagina has ruffled Turkey's deputy PM.
 The deputy PM then brought up the abortion debates that raged earlier in the year. "I also got extremely embarrassed during the abortion discussions when you [Nazlıaka], as a married woman with children, openly spoke of one of your organs [vagina]," he said.

Nazliaka had slammed the government's stance on abortions in May, stating: “The prime minister should quit playing politics over women’s bodies. To put it in a nutshell, I say the prime minister should quit standing guard over women’s vaginas."

After Arinc's latest comments, Nazliaka has said: "We are here [in Parliament] due to our personality, not to our femininity or our elegance. I would be happier if he was bothered by my statements, rather than by my gender," she said. "I am deeply upset by the deputy prime minister's statements, both for me and for the women of my country ... He should have been more serious in his manner of speaking."