Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bodrum's blingiest beach resort

Sometimes I wonder if Bodrum's turning into an Aegean Dubai.

Have a look at the pictures of this new beach resort, due to be opened this time next year. You can almost imagine you're looking at a new Abu Dhabi resort when you look at this ridiculously luxurious Bodrum property.

The Nikki Beach Resort & Spa aims to cater to "swanky sophisticates" (that's me out, then) who take their partying seriously. 

The resort is due to open in Torba, a small village about 10 minutes' drive from Bodrum centre, Torba property is known for its seclusion and natural surroundings. The architects are endeavouring to match the buildings to the natural surroundings and use all local materials. There will be 57 suites and villas, 28 with their own private pool for the truly wealthy.

There'll also be a large shared pool, beach access, spa treatments, a fitness centre and a cafe and a bar.

 Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts already has hotels in Thailand and has beach clubs in a number of cities. 

Price? TBC. But you'd better have a fat wallet if the other Nikki resorts are anything to go by.