Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lessons learned from (alleged) title deeds swindle

Ex-boxer Eamonn Loughran, who claims to have lost tens of thousands of pounds in a Bodrum and Didim property scam, has been ordered to pay £7500 for punching property tycoon Kevin O'Kane in 2007.

O'Kane is thought to be at the centre of a large fraud operation which saw people pay a collective £4 million for fake property deeds. The boxer from Belfast went to confront O'Kane in Turkey, and claims he punched the developer after he was headbutted. O'Kane needed stitches after the incident. Ouch. The fraud case is continuing.  

Not only is this case rather titillating (go on, admit it), it also highlights the need to be very, very careful when buying property in Turkey - or in fact, anywhere you're out of your element.

If you'd like to know more about the case, or to find out where poor old Loughran went wrong when he handed over his precious savings, give us a bell.


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