Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New vehicle law rankles foreigners in Turkey

The effect of new vehicle purchase laws are beginning to impact foreigners in Turkey. The Fethiye Times has reported on the case of Fethiye businessman Hakan Yetis.

Last week, Yetis decided to buy a motor scooter from a foreigner. The process is relatively simple: you visit the tax office to make sure there are no debts outstanding on the vehicle, and then you head to a notary, who will complete the paperwork and then register the transaction.

But when Yetis and the scooter’s owner arrived at the notary’s office they were told the sale could not go ahead. Why? Because the foreign scooter owner didn’t have a residency permit or Turkish Identity number, merely a tourist visa.

Yetis and the scooter seller were left scratching their heads, and eventually gave up on the purchase when the scooter seller realised the cost of a residency permit was more than the bike was worth.

The law surrounding vehicle purchases changed at the beginning of May and now states that any foreigner wishing to buy or sell a motorised vehicle will need to have both an identity number and a residency permit.


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