Friday, 25 June 2010

What's the real cost of all-inclusive holidays?

An article on today says that Turkey is "tailormade for brassic Brits":

Turkey was more popular with holidaymakers than the Balearics in May, according to market research group GfK Ascent-MI. The company, which said Turkey had 16% of May bookings, put this down to the destinations abundance of all-inclusive hotels, which have proved popular since the belt-tightening of the recession. The Balearics had 14% share.

Turkey’s relatively new tourist infrastructure of all-in complexes seems tailormade for cash-strapped families and more established holiday destinations which have less such properties are suffering.
This week the Hurriyet has also decried the all-inclusive packages to Turkey, saying that the country's cultural aspects should receive the same weight as its sun-and-sea activities. The writer even goes so far as to say the country's tourism has been 'damaged' by the system, as tourists are drawn to heavily populated tourist areas and away from others.

What is this kind of publicity going to do to Turkey's tourism, and the general perception of Turkey? Are low prices going to drive away the "right" kind of tourists? How can Turkey encourage the "right kind" of tourist?


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