Monday, 12 July 2010

The rise and rise of golf in Turkey

I'm a bit late with this, but there was a good article in the FT recently about the development of golf in Turkey.

Although Turkey's not a traditional golfing nation - around one in a thousand people play golf - the country is rapidly becoming known as a golfing destination and a whopping 100 new courses are expected to be created over the next four years. 

Belek is especially popular, with 14 golf courses and more on the cards. Belek golf property is expected to rise in value, if comparable Mediterranean golf property in Spain is anything to go by. International tours are increasingly heading to Turkey, which makes the property even more marketable. 

Although there are few courses in the country where you can buy golf property on the actual course, there are many superb homes just a stone's throw from the country's finest courses. Rental potential is very high for these properties. Be warned, however: while there is a good beach nearby and a few shops, Belek is very much about golf. If you don't live and breathe the game you may find it slightly stifling!

Turkish authorities are also keen to get more people involved in golf, and are actively promoting the game to young people and families. There are a number of schemes that aim to get underpriviliged children golfing, too.


  1. Here is where I live now. Belek is an amazing town :)