Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Designer home in Bodrum

Check out this pile for a taste of how the other half lives.

Interior designer Mica Ertegun and her late husband bought the Bodrum villa as a doer-upper in the late 70s.

(The Bodrum of 1978 is a far cry from the present-day tourism hub that sun seekers flock to today:
“There were only three boats in the harbor; women were washing their sheep in front of the house. There were just two private cars in the whole town.)
Today, her stone villa is a triumph of design. Using materials sourced from all over the world, she's stuffed it full of antiques, woven fabrics and finished it with clean lines of marble, wood and stone.

Even if you're not a multi-millionnaire, you can still own a piece of Bodrum paradise. Check out this selection of Bodrum villas - just down the road from Mrs Ertegun.


  1. I love these old Bodrum houses, closer to Marina Yacht club the better.....

    If you plan to visit, do it in winter when crowds are will love the ethnicity and under-current bohemian feel to the place.....