Monday, 15 November 2010

Marry Mall to ease anxieties of wedding planning in Turkey

Previous posts have established that there are tons of breathtaking places to get married in Turkey but what about planning the wedding? The stress of wedding planning turns even the most demure bride into bridezilla in short time, so here’s some very welcomed news.

Istanbul has a Marry Mall, yes a marriage-themed shopping center which caters for everything that will make your big day special. The marriage themed shopping mall is sure to provide relief for British expats especially, looking to get married in Turkey. Thanks to the Marry Mall, there is no need to hurl everything you want for your wedding from the UK to Turkey; you also save money because importing items for a wedding into Turkey will not be cheap.

Located at the World Shopping Center in Istanbul, the wedding themed shopping center has 136 stores to cater for every need, from wedding gowns, salons, jewellery, cosmetics, photographers to wedding registries. The center also has free parking spaces for 1,750 cars as well as free customer services to help you plan your big day without any drama. It is worth checking out, if you are getting married in Turkey.


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