Friday, 26 November 2010

Meet Turkey’s telephone man

Love art? Then check out Turkish artist Lütfü Güngörer; he’s been creating sculptures out of coloured telephone cables for over 46 years.

He calls his creations the art of “Sculpicture,”and started doing it when he was a driver for the Turkish Postal Service, or PTT, in the 1960s in Ankara. In his case, the phrase ‘do what you know’ has a literal meaning.
Born in 1938 Güngörer received an art history certificate in 1965 and summarizes his business life as a “struggle to survive.”

 He makes his art with his bare hands, using self-developed techniques and no molds
His first creation was a sculpture of Turkish Sufi figure Nasreddin Hoca; now his sculptures include important political figures like founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, other artists and pieces featuring social issues.

Although he’s never shown his work in a museum, Lütfü Güngörer was the first Turkish artist to be included in the prestigious online art catalogue in 2002

According to the artist, he has been seeking support from Turkish officials for some time but so far nothing’s happened. But what is art without the social struggle, I believe being misunderstood is part of the make-up of artist. Check out Lütfü Güngörer’s sculptures whenever in Turkey; he keeps them in his house.


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