Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Time for a Ski-volution – The 5 best places to go skiing in Turkey

Who cares about the Alps? They are so over; there is a new place to ski now and it doesn’t involve breaking the bank. Like holidays and property investments, Turkey has thrown its hat in the ring; skiing in Turkey is the latest thing for the trendy.

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how you can go skiing in Turkey with its Mediterranean climate; the secret lies in Turkey’s several inland mountainous regions which has a continental climate. Also the Turkish tourist board has invested heavily to provide facilities and skiing resorts to rival the Alps.

It is not by chance that Turkey holidays and Turkey properties are so popular; they are favoured because they are affordable without sacrificing quality. This same principle has been applied to skiing facilities and skiing resorts in Turkey. Check out the most popular places to ski in Turkey;


This is one of the many popular skiing resorts in Turkey; it is about 20km from the capital Ankara. Elmadag’s piste is about 1km long with fully functional teleski facilities to take you to the very top of the ski piste. Elmadag also has a variety of chalets skiers can stay at.


Uludag is the oldest skiing resort in Turkey; it is great for all level of skiers and has great facilities for people with children. The resort offers chair-lifts, three ski-lifts, slalom and giant slalom courses as well as beginner’s slopes. This experienced resort has skis and skiing equipment for hire in addition to a small hospital.


The Palandoken skiing resort is an up and comer in Turkey’s skiing industry, it is few kilometres north of the city of Erzurum. Palandoken offers several long and quite difficult runs for skiers to negotiate making it perfect for those with experience. Accommodation is Palandoken is no problem thanks to the many hotels near the resort, skiing here starts in December and lasts till April.


This popular skiing resort is located in Sarikamis some 60kms from Kars; it has very good courses to suit both experienced skiers and beginners. It is also ideal for families with children.

Erciyes ski centre

Erciyes Ski Centre is located on the extinct volcanic mountain of Erciyes, which is a 45-minute drive to the nearest airport. The skiing centre is suitable for summer skiing, ski touring and heli-skiing; it also has 2 chair- lifts and 2 T-bars. Qualified skiing instructors and equipment for hire are available and the centre has first aid facilities as well as a rural clinic.

Skiing in Turkey offers an ideal compromise; skiers get modern, well set up, cheap and easy to get to resorts. Although skiing in Turkey may be cheap it is by no means substandard; resorts offer world class heli-skiing and facilities to rival the Alps. This has encouraged Europe’s elite to abandon their usual hangouts in the Alps for Turkey’s resorts; for example, Uludag skiing resort which is a short ferry ride from Istanbul usually play host to the city’s glitterati.

Turkey is mostly known for its sunny resorts; it has managed to keep its ski activities a secret however there has been a change in the past two years where people are abandoning established ski resorts in the Alps for Turkey. Skiing in Turkey like everything else in Turkey is blowing up so join the revolution and check it out before the rest of Europe descends on it. Who knows, you might bump into a celeb or two.


  1. Skiing is a fun sport and a great way to spend time outdoors in the snow.

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