Friday, 17 December 2010

Antalya to become base for world famous football teams in 2011

As the debate for winter break in the English premier league still rages on, football teams in countries with breaks in January usually go to hotter climates to train. Their countries of choice usually include Dubai, South Africa, Spain, Portugal and USA however managers of leading hotels in Turkey are hoping that Turkey and Antalya in particular becomes part of the list - particularly as more and more English people buy property in Antalya.

The trend’s already started with about 25 teams from the first divisions of German, Dutch, Austrian and Russian leagues having already held training camps in Antalya this year. It is expected that more teams will set up camp here from January 2011 onwards.

Antalya hotels are particularly interested in hosting camps for the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and the French Ligue 1 and they believe they should because they have superior football fields and hotels compared to those in Portugal and Spain.

Also considering that Turkish Airlines (THY) are the official sponsors of FC Barcelona and Manchester United, the managers expect them to lend their support in encouraging these two teams to come to Antalya.


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