Friday, 3 December 2010

Live on the edge - shark attack in Turkey

Living on the edge, the adrenaline rush, is what tells us we are alive, not everyone has the guts to live life to the max so if you are one of the few who thrive on adrenaline rush, try deep sea diving in Turkey.

If you are moving to Turkey, there’s little chance of getting bored with many activities available but if you like danger the numerous seas in Turkey’s Mediterranean region offers plenty.

If you are lucky, you can play hide and seek with rare oceanic white tip sharks; granted they have recently attacked tourists at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

But this is rare, in the ten years that Turkish resorts have offered deep sea diving, no shark attacks have been reported.

So whether you are in Turkey for the long term or just there for a luxury villa holiday, indulge your wild side with the many deep sea diving activities available.

For people who own luxury Kalkan properties, Kalkan is by far the best place to go diving; you might not get attacked by sharks but you will see thousands of colourful fish, coral formations and underwater ruins dating back to ancient times. Don’t have diving experience? No worries, there are tons of diving schools; you will become a diving pro in no time.


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