Monday, 6 December 2010

Now, that’s what I call Art

You know what they say, it isn’t art if it doesn’t get a reaction out of someone and that’s exactly what happened at the Casa Dell Arte Gallery in Istanbul when Turkish contemporary artist Şükran Moral made love with a female partner during her latest performance “Amemus” (Lovemaking).

Guests were shocked when a young woman, wearing only a G-string and bra, went onto a bed on the stage and started to have sex with the artist Moral, who was wearing the same.
Most of the audience left the venue in the first 10 minutes, but not deterred by this, the artist, Moral was still having sex with her partner when everyone left some 20minutes into the performance.

Speaking after, Moral said her performance did not have a singular purpose. “Generally speaking, the purpose was to bring a new expression to the language of performance art and of course to break taboos. My goal was to annoy the viewers of the performance. I don’t want to make a performance that does not annoy people and make them excited and confused.”

Well she certainly accomplished that; shame she had to cancel her exhibition of the same name for security reasons.


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