Monday, 20 December 2010

Own a piece of Turkish Paradise

As the saying goes, money ultimately gets you whatever you want and owning an island has always been on the wish list of the rich and famous.

It is therefore no surprise that news of Turkish islands coming on the market has rich folk from Dubai, Russia, Egypt and the Netherlands circling like sharks.  They all want a piece of natural paradise they can call their own not to mention the prestige that comes with owning your own Turkish island.

There are a large number of Turkish islands - particularly in the Aegean Sea, within cooee of anyone who owns property in Bodrum.

It’s not all smooth sailing though; the government who want to sell the Turkish islands can’t sell to rich foreigners because of laws preventing them from doing so but hey, they can’t let the small matter of $25 billion pass them by. 

They are the government after all; there are already plans in place to change the law but in the meantime, there are estate agents working round a loophole to make selling Turkey islands to foreigners possible through joint ventures.
Like I said - money makes all things possible.


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