Friday, 10 December 2010

Turkey finds ways to plug future Wikileaks disasters

The world is still feeling the rippling effects of the on-going Wikileaks revelations. Depending on where you stand, the revelations are great because of freedom of information whiles others think it puts diplomatic relations in jeopardy, some also think it is old news.

America is still trying to find out how Wikileaks got its hands on the documents, they might not be able to get that information but at least they can protect themselves from it ever happening again.

Young Turkish engineers from the University of Ankara say a software they developed would have prevented such information from going public.

Shame they didn’t come forward a few months ago, because Turkey has been sufficiently embarrassed by the revelations but better late than never.

The software known as “MyDLP,” is a program designed to keep information secure online, it is available for download from


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