Monday, 31 January 2011

Top items smuggled into Turkey

Turkish customs shed some light on things smuggled into the country and the item at the top of the list is unexpected to say the least.

The usual suspects of Cars, tobacco and alcoholic drinks made the top five but according to official figures, red meat was the most smuggled item in 2010 followed by gasoline.

The figures show that customs officials seized 12 times more red meat and five times more fuel than in 2009; during the first 11 months of last 2010, 32.2 tons of red meat - up from 2.5 tons in 2009 and 30,579 tons of fuel, up from 5.983 tons in 2009 were seized.

The increase in meat smuggling was blamed on "Greedy" store owners; while high rate of smuggled gasoline was said to be down to increasing cost of crude oil and the depreciation of the Turkish lira.

I have one question though, how exactly do you smuggle meat?


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