Friday, 21 January 2011

Turkey Visa restrictions to be lifted for Russian Citizens

Today, Turkey announced that Russians visiting Turkey will not need a visa as they are scraping visas for Russians visiting the country.

The visa is being scraped later this year because about 3 million Russian tourists visit the country annually and trade between the two countries have an annual turnover of about $100 billion a year.

I know Turkey visas do not cost much but why are Russians getting free entry whilst Brits still have to pay? I reckon there are as many Britons in Turkey as there are Russians.

And with the number of British investors in Turkey properties each year, they easily eclipse Russian investors and I for one think Brits should not have Visa restrictions when entering Turkey.

We at Talk about Turkey will love to hear your thoughts on this issue…


  1. How much Turkey asks from British people? 10 pounds!
    The reason is not business, it is the mutuality principle, the basis on mutual respect to each other's government and citizens. Russia and Turkey have agreed to remove visa restrictions respectively for their citizens. In other words, Turks will be able to visit Russia without a visa as well.

    How about asking the UK govt to repeal the visas for Turkish citizens or at least making it affordable? It costs 70 pounds for a visit visa and that is just the beginning. The hoops that one would have to jump through, payments for unnecessary insurances and collecting documentation from all around, the soulless agents probing the most private parts of your life and finances, and sometimes getting scolded like a child for nothing.
    Even though I live in Brussels as a permanent resident, which eases the humiliation people experience in the consulates in Turkey, I wouldn't think about forking that much to visit the UK.