Thursday, 3 February 2011

Turkey helps evacuate foreigners from Egypt

2011 has only just began but I have to say Turkey is already on my list for a humanitarian award. Not only did the Turkish government send 14 jets to Alexandria Egypt to bring some 2,297 citizens back to the homeland after widespread protests left many people dead in the North African country, it is also helping to get some third party citizens out of Egypt.

The national carrier, Turkish Airlines (THY) has the job of transporting Turkish citizens back to Turkey, it also sends humanitarian aid to Turkish citizens who are waiting to be evacuated and Turkish Embassy staff in Cairo.

The government has also made preparations at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport to help the citizens of third countries who would like to leave Egypt. They are also working on facilitating easier visas, letting diplomatic representatives have easier access to the Ataturk Airport and helping transit passengers.


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