Monday, 14 February 2011

Turkey’s president in hot water over tweet

By now you would think high profile personalities will think twice before using social media; whether it’s Russell Brand putting a picture of his pop star wife without make up on Twitter or Turkey’s president admitting to watching a pirate DVD, one thing’s for sure social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be a double edged sword. Although your followers might love to hear about your every move, the backlash can also be fierce if a foot is put wrong.

Turkey’s president is finding out the hard way after he tweeted “I watched ‘The King’s Speech’ with my wife. It is really a very good film … I suppose the film will be subject to many discussions and be awarded with many prizes.”

The president has become that talk of Twitter as the film is not yet released in Turkey, do you think the president is setting a bad example in a country where piracy is already a concern or do you think it’s all blown out of proportion?


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