Thursday, 17 March 2011

Antalya famous for something other than tourism

Turkey’s southern city of Antalya is internationally known as one of the best tourism destination in the world but it is also becoming known in the global agricultural arena as well.
Antalya joined the ‘Billion Club’ last year as the total value of its exports, nearly half of which were fresh fruits and vegetables was over $1 billion.

It turns out Antalya has been climbing the agriculture rankings for years and is now one of the sector’s shining stars.

Expanding its share in the agriculture sector, Antalya breached the $1 billion export mark mostly due to increases in fresh fruit and vegetable production, which amounts to nearly half of the province’s total exports. Antalya’s agriculture produce is usually exported to European and Middle Eastern countries.

It looks like Antalya properties are not the only investment opportunity in Antalya as fruit production in Antalya has also seen a rise in the number of investments it is attracting. It is not all about tourism any more.


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