Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Antalya to explore highland meadow tourism

Authorities in Antalya are looking to diversify into other forms of tourism in an effort to bring in even more tourism revenue.
Already famous for its sun, sand and sea, authorities want to open up the rugged highland meadows of the Toros Mountains for tourism. As part of an ambitious 10-year plan, state authorities are eying a number of measures to bring more services to the largely isolated meadows.

Although highland meadow tourism is more commonly associated with the Black Sea region, Antalya possesses largely untouched highland areas that offer breathtaking scenery, undiscovered caves and stunning streams on the edges of the rugged Toros Mountains.
Currently the area seriously lacks infrastructure but the plans to open it up to tourism means there will be plans to find suitable locations for the construction of boutique hotels, ski centers, trails and camping centers. 
Antalya has been a tourism hotspot for some years now and with such plans in the works to further improve the area, it looks like its tourism potential is limitless.


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