Friday, 4 March 2011

Top reasons cited in Turkish divorces

A recent study revealed the main reasons cited in Turkish divorces were interference in personal decisions by husbands, domestic violence, economic problems such as credit card bills and pressure from parents.

The report noted that most Turkish couples divorce within the first five years of marriage with the decision to divorce is usually made between the first and third year of marriage.

The survey found women often complained that their husbands acted differently when around their parents. Both male and female respondents cited family pressure as an influential factor in the decision to separate. Families often interfered in couples’ relationships in issues related to money problems and family life, the report found.

Women complained of husbands criticizing their clothing choices; 70 per cent cited interference by their husbands as the cause of most fights between them. 36 per cent of women and 32 per cent of men accused their ex-spouse of humiliating them.

Also consumption of alcohol was cited by 30 per cent of divorced women surveyed as having an impact on their decision to divorce, the report said. Half of the women respondents accused their ex-husbands of negligence and 41 per cent said the main reason for their divorce was their husband’s exaggerated interest in parents and relatives.


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