Monday, 18 April 2011

Happy Turks

According to newly published research, Turkish people are happier now than they were five years ago.

Findings indicate that while 72.8 percent of Turks surveyed described themselves as feeling happy in the previous survey in 2005, the figure has increased to 87.6 percent.
The study conducted every half-decade included participants above the age of 15 from rural and urban Turkey across 24 provinces.

The study revealed that Turkish society was shifting toward a constitution blending tradition with modernity.

According to the research, Turks are keeping up with technology, while at the same time not severing their connections to traditional values and conservatism. Results reveal that Turks are also starting to pay more attention to physical appearance, and men are shifting from growing moustaches to growing beards.

Research also shows that although Turks have been more careful about their diet in the past few years, the average person has gained weight. The average weight of women in the 2005 survey was 63.4 kilograms, compared to 65.1 kilograms today. Men, too, have gained weight, from 71.8 kilograms up to 72.8.


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