Thursday, 7 April 2011

New taxi regulations to ease congestion on Istanbul’s roads

Roads in Istanbul should be less congested after the start of a new “Taxi Call Center” project, which aims to take taxis looking for customers off the roads and allow customers to phone for an immediate taxi.

Introduced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Municipality is opening call centers around Istanbul and will announce a hotline for customers in need of taxis to call very soon.
The municipality has activated 124 taxi stops in the city to ensure the 2,500 vacant stop wandering on roads don’t have to, something which will help decrease the traffic on Istanbul’s roads.

Taxis under this new initiative will also promote security as there will be a panic button that will provide direct communication with the Police Department. Also, there will be video surveillance inside participating taxis and the location of the taxi drivers will be determined through a satellite tracking system at all times ensuring the safety of passengers.


  1. Well its about time. I and my friends have had bad experiences using taxis in Istanbul. There are too many taxi drivers ripping you off and taking you for rides up and down motorways to clock up their charges. I had one friend get driven into a cemetery. I was charged 45 lira from Esenler Otogar to Bakirkoy. A drive which should have only cost me 15-20 lira max. Another time a friend and I got charged 30 lira for a ride which was normal 15 lira. The guy wouldnt let us out of the cab until we paid the money. This is good news.