Monday, 9 May 2011

Be Muslim for a month in Istanbul

A social enterprise is offering individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in Islam, without having to convert, through a trip to Istanbul that takes in the regular sights and sounds but also includes prayers at dawn and midnight and lessons on Islam and its basic practices.

This package holiday is run by the Blood Foundation ; it offers bed, board, instruction and sightseeing for £600. The whole idea works along the lines of ‘Make Me a Muslim’, shown on Channel 4 I 2007 or the BBC's– The ‘Retreat’ but without the cameras.

In addition to praying and fasting, participants will forsake alcohol and pork, smoking however is permitted. They will also be expected to carry out pre-prayer ablutions, mastering the art of hoiking their feet into a washbasin as part of the process.

The Blood Foundation also has other programs like ‘Monk for a Month’, where people spend time in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet.

This is not your average holiday but if you are fascinated with or want to learn more about Islam, the Muslim for a Month program might be for you.


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