Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All-female Turkish sailing team makes history

Turkey’s only all-female sailing team, “Peri Reis,” made history by completing their first international regatta, the BMW Black Sea International Regatta in Bulgaria.

The five-day event had various onshore and offshore races, sailing between the Romanian seaside resort of Mangalia and the Bulgarian coastal city of Varna.

The sailing team is the only all-female Turkish crew ever to have competed at the international level; brought together by the İzmir-based Piri Reis Maritime Association, Peri Reis is derived from the prominent 15th-century captain and cartographer Piri Reis, whose collective works of maps and charts formed the basis of his book, entitled “Book of Navigation.” “Peri” is also the Turkish word for fairy, and “Reis” is an ancient term for captain.

The Peri Reis team members come from varying social backgrounds and lifestyles, they are working women, married women, women with children and women who run their own successful businesses, so their busy schedule often leads to a change in active participants.

Even so, the 20-plus members continue to sail together hoping to develop a further two permanent teams so the Peri Reis concept can be represented at future sailing events with the hope of becoming a recognized name on the Aegean and Mediterranean regatta scene.


  1. wow these was a huge accomplishment for them

  2. Sounds great, well done everyone and keep up the good work!