Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Opening of new Turkish parliament delayed

Turkey’s Supreme Election Board, or YSK, will not announce the official results of the June 12 elections until either Wednesday or Thursday, necessitating a delay in the parliamentary oath-taking ceremony for victorious deputies.

YSK President Ali Em said Monday that the official results of the June 12 elections, which were won by the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, will be made public on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Parliament will convene five days after the YSK’s official announcement of the election results and Parliament is likely to convene on June 27 or 28 for the newly elected deputies to take their oaths. The YSK had been expected to announce the results earlier.

The delay stems from a court case that ruled that the period pro-Kurdish deputy Hatip Dicle stayed in prison will be retroactively categorized as a fine, but the YSK has yet to make a final decision on whether he will be allowed to assume office.


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