Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why Turkey is the best place to shop

This might come as a surprise but Turkey has been chosen as the location for the best shopping experience ahead of New York and Paris.

Cabin crew for voted Turkey as the best European shopping destination; the choice might come as a surprise but is it far from the truth?

Istanbul has already been crowned a shopping capital where East meets West and this is shown with the annual Istanbul Shopping Fest which draws millions of shoppers from around the world.

Also Turkey’s southern coast has become a hotbed of activity for holidaymakers over the past few years with resorts like Marmaris, Olu Deniz and Bodrum attracting visitors in their droves.

The main reason for this sharp increase in popularity is notably the glorious weather and smattering of pristine beaches but the open air markets, chic boutiques and Turkish bazaars also deserve a huge credit.

The shopping experience in Turkey is authentic and has something for everyone whether you’re a haggler or high end fashionista.

It also offers the chance to interact and enjoy a bit of banter with local shopkeepers or stall owners is a great way to learn more about Turkish culture – not to mention bagging a bargain!


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