Monday, 8 August 2011

First Turkish aid plane heads to Somalia

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that the first plane carrying aid for Somalia is set to leave on Monday.

With Somalia suffering from the worst drought in 60 years, The Turkish Prime Minister said: “Turkey will send its first cargo plane to Mogadishu from Ankara on Monday, and we will continue to send aid by plane and ship.” Erdogan also said that Turkey was united in its efforts to help those in need.

On Sunday, Turkey’s European Union Minister and chief negotiator Egemen Bagis said: “In the atmosphere of abundance of the holy month of Ramadan we cannot remain indifferent to the tragedy our African friends are facing, and therefore we are mobilizing to extend a helping hand to Somalia and Africa.” This follows the announcement by Turkey of an aid campaign during Ramadan to help Africa during these tough times.

The Turkish Pharmacists Association has also decided to launch a new campaign to help Africa, sending over medical supplies, baby formula, and water to Somalia and Kenya as part of its campaign to help the victims of the drought in Africa.

The famine has forced tens of thousands of starving people to move in search of help. UN estimates have placed the death toll of children under the age of five at close to 30,000 in the last three months. Turkish people can help by sending an SMS with the word “AFRIKA” to 5601 to donate 5 Turkish Lira to Africa.


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