Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Historic exhibition comes to Istanbul

World famous photographer Steve McCurry will be bringing a photography exhibition to Istanbul Museum of Modern Art between August 3rd and September 4th.

The exhibition, titled: “The Last Roll of Kodachrome” is significant as it will display a selection of images taken by McCurry with the last roll of Kodachrome film ever made.

With the development of modern technology and the new age of widespread digital cameras, production of Kodachrome film was discontinued in 2009 following 74 years in use. The film was used by many photojournalists, favoured for its magnificent quality in pictures. This is a major coup for Turkey, to hold such a prestigious event is great for Turkish culture.

McCurry said: “Kodachrome really kept its colour. And the colours were sublime. Rich colours, not too garish. It was really the best rendition of reality. So when I realised that this was coming to an end, I wanted to have the last chapter in the book of Kodachrome.”

With more than 30 years’ experience in taking photographs with Kodachrome, McCurry contacted Kodak who accepted is request for the last film to come off the production line. Armed with a piece of photographic history, McCurry travelled 30,000 kilometres to take pictures of people in cities of different countries.

Summing up the experience, McCurry said: “When you only have six frames and you want to make each one special, you feel pressure on yourself because each picture has to count.”

The curator of the exhibition in Istanbul, Engin Ozendes, was looking forward to the exhibition greatly, saying that Kodak’s adventure began in the 19th century and would leave its mark in the 20th century for all to see.

With a piece of history coming to Istanbul, photography and modern art lovers all over the world will be desperate to witness the end of an era in film.


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