Monday, 1 August 2011

Kurdish socialist returns to Turkey after 31 years

Kemal Burkay, a Kurdish socialist intellectual and poet has returned to Turkey more than 31 year after his exile in 1980.

Greeted by a group of supporters, Burkay arrived at Istanbul on Saturday night to a heroic welcome from both Kurdish and Turkish supporters.

Burkay’s daughter, Kaya, said that her father was coming to Turkey to contribute all he can do find a democratic settlement to the troubles between the Turkish people and the Kurdish people.

During a press conference in his hotel that evening, Burkay said that the turning point in the Kurdish question was the easing of the state’s Kurdish policy. He stated that this first move for peace and reconciliation had been overshadowed by guns and violence.

Burkay backed the recent statement the Kurdish question is the most important question in Turkey and can’t be settled by violence. He also reserved some criticism for the Kurdish movement and socialists of Turkey for not backing the government’s initiative. He said: “The strongest segments inside the Kurdish movement didn't support the initiative. They didn't even support the opening of Kurdish language television channel TRT 6. The right thing to do would be to support the government against the status quo in spite of the differences in opinion that there might be.”

The return of Burkay to Turkey after such a long absence can be seen as a big step in finding peace between the Turkish and the Kurdish people. As Turkey moves forward on all levels: economically, politically, and socially, there is a great hope for the future of Turkey.


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