Monday, 1 August 2011

Migrant workers to return to Turkey

More than 50 years after the labour migration started in Turkey, an increasing number of Turkish people working in western countries are returning to their homeland.

Around 5.2 million people of Turkish origin live in European Union countries and rising racism and unemployment in Europe, coupled with the growth of Turkey are some of the key factors driving Turkish workers back to Turkey.

Faruk Sen, who chairs the Turkish German Education and Scientific Researches Foundation said: “Along with these problems, the rapid growing Turkish economy is triggering a move back to the country.”

Sen has also predicted that the returning Turkish workers could help improve the Turkish economy even further. He said: “By 2008, some 260,000 Turks living in Germany bought houses there. Today the figure has fallen to 200,000 as some 60,000 sold their houses to buy new homes in Turkey.”

To capitalise on this, some real estate companies have already started to work more in the German market to focus on the people of Turkish origin.

The return of migrant workers to Turkey symbolises the fantastic growth that is occurring in Turkey right now. With the economy booming, people are realising that Turkey is the place to be, and they are selling up and returning to their homeland to seek better opportunities and better lifestyle.


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