Friday, 5 August 2011

New regulations to be implemented for TV commercials

The Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTUK) have announced that new regulations regarding content, time limits, and screen design are to be implemented in Turkey.

Chairman of RTUK, Professor Davut Dursun said: “New regulations pertaining in particular to commercial communication will be enacted. Erroneous advertisement practices, most importantly in relation to product positioning, will come to an end.”

Dursun went on to say: “Time limits will be instituted for promotions of TV programs that appear on screen at the end or the beginning of advertorials. Moreover, subtitles and commercial logos that sports fans are so wary of, will be prevented from being positioned in a manner that blocks footage of athletes and sports contests while on the air.”

Dursan also revealed that plans are in place for digital terrestrial television broadcasting to completely replace all other forms of broadcasting in the next few years in Turkey.

RTUK hope that these new regulations will result in the number of complaints lowering and will please Turkish television viewers. This is a further show of Turkey developing and growing as a country.


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