Monday, 8 August 2011

Thermal centre uncovered in Anatolia

A local Deputy Mayor, Sadettin Ozturk has said that archaeologists are to bring to light the first thermal treatment centre in Anatolia.

Ozturk stated that the archaeologists were making excavations to unearth “Basilica Therma” – the first thermal treatment centre in Anatolia, in the town of Sarikaya in the central province of Yozgat.
The thermal facility was built during the early Roman age and dates back 3,000 years, making it a real great piece of exceptional construction for Anatolia.

So far there has been five architectural pieces discovered in the excavations so far. The Deputy Mayor said: “A snake figure on the construction proves that this place was used as a treatment centre.”

Turkey is currently restoring a lot of great architecture to their former glory as the nation looks to extend some Turkish culture and show off what was there in the past.


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