Thursday, 4 August 2011

Turkey to introduce new methods to stop domestic violence against women

The Ministry of Justice has revealed that there are new plans in place to adopt the policing methods used by Austria and adapt them for Turkey to control domestic violence.

Following a delegation of several high level authorities, the Austrian model was chosen as it has been highly successful in the reduction and prevention of such incidents. Under the Austrian model, offenders are often placed under an electronic tagging system to monitor them and women who are being stalked by abusive partners are given a panic button to call police at any time.

According to data from the We Will End Murders of Women Platform, it was revealed that 130 women were killed and 22 were injured in the first six months of this year by either former or current partners.

The new plans to be put in place will ensure a safer and friendlier environment for Turkish women and women in Turkey. Turkey recently announced plans to fight terrorism and is currently in a process of improving security in Turkey on all fronts, for a better Turkey.


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