Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Turkish government to support Turkish theatres

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has released a statement to announce that they will give 3.5 million Turkish Liras to support private theatres in Turkey during the 2011-2012 art seasons.

Culture and Tourism Ministry Fine Arts Deputy General Director Omer Bozoglu said: “We want to reach amateurs and those who do not have the chance to find support in various Anatolian cities. There are people operating theatres in villages and we want to support them. We also support Karagoz puppet theatre in Anatolia.”

Theatres who wish to benefit from this can apply to the ministry before August 15th. To apply they must fit in with one of the titles: ‘Professional’, ‘Professional Children’, ‘Amateur’, and ‘Traditional’ categories.

The goal of this is to bring theatre in Turkey to a wider audience and encourage an increase of writers and the quality of plays performed in theatres.

Bozoglu summed up by saying: “Theatres may learn conditions for applications through the website of the ministry or the Fine Arts General Directorate.”

This is a signal of real intent for improvement of theatres in Turkey. Investment in Turkey theatres will improve the performance and allow for theatres to express culture of Turkey more and more through theatre.


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